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Dr. Llanes is an optometrist in San Diego providing complete eye care services for the surrounding communities.

After graduating from Southern Califnornia College of Optometry in 1987, Dr. Llanes joined the U.S. Navy, Medical Service Corps. His duties in the US Navy and function as an Optometrist gave him the experience and knowledge that enhanced and broadened his Optometry clinical skills. As an Optometrist for the Sight Conservation Program at the Naval Shipyard Long Beach, Ca., not only did he treat and manage eye injuries resulting from shipyard work but also facilitated the education,training,safety and prevention of eye injuries to shipyard employees.  In his capacity as head of the Optometry Dept, in Naval Hospital Lemoore, California, he ensured the delivery of highest quality and broad spectrum of  optometric services to top gun Naval aviators, support staff and their family members which included fitting and evaluation of  simple to challenging contact lens cases, and pre and post refractive surgery care i.e. lasik procedures. 

His transfer to Naval Medical Center San Diego expanded even more his optometry clinical experience. He provided Low Vision specialty services, and facilitated the fabrication of thousands of eyeglasses for military personnel. As a staff, he served as an adjunct faculty of SCCO and provided mentorship to optometry interns, sharing his experience and knowledge in the treatment and management of ocular injuries, red eyes, dry eyes, cataract, glaucoma and refractive surgeries and low vision.   His duties with the USNS Mercy - US Navy Hospital ship- gave him further knowledge in the treatment and management of ocular traumatic injuries.  During this assignment, he also completed the requirements to Master of Arts degree in Healthcare Management and Administration and the requirements for the Fellowship program of the American Academy of Optometry. Even when he was actively busy with his military duties, Dr. Llanes was also involved in the civilian community. 

In 1992, he provided Optometry services in the San Diego area in collaboration with optometrists and Opticians. He participated in vision screenings conducted by Lions Club  and volunteer Optometry services in San Diego Shelter for Abused Women and children. With the conclusion of his military service, he assumed ownership of See-Kleer Eyecare where he continually provides the same high standard quality of optometric care. He is assisted by his wife Leticia who herself is a holder of a Board certification for Opticians and Clarita Molina.

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